"I have made this my home."

                         ~ Joan Johnson, Resident

"My dad, Reverend Verdel Washington, has been in three different nursing homes. His last stay a few months ago was at Mansfield Memorial Homes, and he loved it there! His care was excellent. With a lot of therapy, he improved quickly, but we had a hard time getting him to leave because he felt so comfortable here. I was there almost daily and was always impressed with the facility and the staff."

                          ~ Dwana Washington,

                              Family Member

"I stayed at Mansfield Memorial Homes for nine months. The treatment and therapy is why I am walking, going to the library, working on the computer, writing my own checks; basically why I am independent."
​                              ~ Vinnie Smith,
                                  Former MMH Resident

"We can do that! That was always the answer when I asked my therapist a question.  I never felt like I was asking for too much. She really seemed to care about me.  "
​                                 ~ Mrs. Cronin,

"​Back in 2000 when my father passed away, although having been care giver for both parents, it became very apparent that my mother needed other interaction with more than myself, and  I needed peace of mind, especially since I worked a full time job.  Upon expressing this to Karla Hale, she recommended that I come in and actually see what goes on at Mansfield Memorial Day Care. After seeing the care, attention, and concern she and her staff displayed, I talked it over with my mother and she was more than willing to attend. After getting my mother enrolled, the only other hurdle was transportation, (which to my surprise) Mansfield Memorial Day Care, provided.
Let me be the first to  say to  any person that is a caregiver, please take out the time and see for yourself, how caring, concerned, compassionate, and “hands on” Mansfield Memorial Day Care staff is with the clients enrolled in their program.  Not only are they trustworthy, but they provide the caregiver with total peace of mind; knowing their loved one is being cared for.  Mrs. Hale and her staff, were and still are very easy to understand, they communicate clearly and are without a doubt visually, and genuinely, caring and concerned with each and every person, they are trusted to care for. " 
                                ~Valerie F. Harper

                                    Family Member

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